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Years of personal focus and inquiry have led the author of the book Gil Weiner to the realization that our purpose in this world is primarily to embark on a journey to develop consciousness and shape the reality of our lives. In his book, he outlines the various levels of this concept in clear and coherent language, allowing the readers to learn and use his vast knowledge and experience. The book gradually delineates the principles of the approach that “coaching shapes reality and develops consciousness.”

Along with the theory, the book features examples and life stories, while documenting the coaching processes in his work with various clients over the years.

This instructive work of nonfiction is recommended for anyone who wants to study the method, and continue to advance in their life journey by developing their consciousness and shaping reality.

Gil Wiener, executive coach and business mentor, holds lectures and workshops on shaping reality and developing consciousness. He is married with two sons.


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Why a Blog?

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"Gil Wiener was a great help to me, offering counseling and advice at a time of crisis and changes in the business. His excellent observations, his attentiveness, his questions and the simplicity and modesty in our work together were especially moving and impressive, helping greatly to achieve the goals."
Tzvi Livne
Sdot Israel
"Gil Wiener has been helping us for several years, during which our firm has grown, developed and expanded. Gil assists us, among other things, in instilling a managerial and organizational culture, and embedding and applying it in our firm. Gil shares the vast experience and extensive knowledge he gained over the years, which is evident at every stage of working with him. He is a real treasure, a professional and wise man with an extraordinary personality who lends his vast experience in every single encounter."
Lior Elnekava
Advocate - Elnekava & Co.
"I met Gil when I was developing my business in an innovative and unfamiliar field. We met several times for focused, illuminating, and instructive coaching sessions so that I could bring forth my personal message in the most coherent, clear and correct way for me and my clients. Your pleasant demeanor, your patience, and your understanding of who I am and what’s the best way to direct me to myself were all a great gift for me.
Galit Sarel
"Gil has a set of great ideals by which he coaches. Already the first session I felt the sincerity with which he believes in those ideals, and the sincerity in wanting to help me grow as a person. Gil's coaching opened my mind to ways of thinking that helped me evolve in areas where growth was needed. I can highly recommend him as a coach."


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