A little bit about myself

“To Be myself and do whatever it takes…”

Who am I

I have been an active coach since June 2004. I was certified as a professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). I am a member of the Israel Coaching Chamber and certified by the organization as a senior coach (MCIL). I was also certified as a professional Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). In July 2009, I completed a course for senior coaches of local public officials at the Ministry of the Interior (municipal coaches). Until January 2012, I served for three years as President of the Israeli branch of the International Coaches’ Federation (ICF), during which I established ICF Israel Association. Today I continue to serve on its Board of Directors. I boast a long career in industry and business, mainly in entrepreneurship and management in the fields of food, medicine and biotechnology. Among other things, I established and managed two factories – one in the field of complex food products and the other in the pharmaceutical industry. I have a rich academic background: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the Life Sciences and an MBA and Entrepreneurship. I could understand the situation of executives and managers based on my own experience as a manager in several companies and as an independent businessman. My own experience in various managerial environments is a major asset as an executive coach. Over the years, I have been trained and acquired tools in a variety of fields, including personal coaching, resource management, energy management, team coaching, relationship coaching, business coaching, organizational coaching, general mediation, integrative negotiating, couples and family mediation, NLP, Master Mind and business networking. I use this array of tools with my clients. The \”Cycle of Conscious Reality Creation\”, which I have authored, serves as a template for my personal coaching work and is applied in the workshops I teach. This cycle is the framework for my book \”Bless Every Moment,\” published in 2013. I am the founder and director of the Reality Creation Institute. The Institute fosters partnerships and acts to study and teach the processes of reality Creation, leadership and the fulfillment of individuals and organizations in the world of business and society at large. My clients include: companies and organizations, CEOs and top executives from the high-tech, manufacturing and service industries, independent business people and entrepreneurs from various fields.

On a personal note


Starting and nurturing a family have been central goals in my life. I am deeply involved in the lives of my wife and two sons. Their goals and aspirations are important to me as my own goals and personal fulfillment. I am very proud of their ways and achievements, to which I actively contributed. My wife and sons are my most significant partners.


\”Riding a motorcycle is a dream that took many years to come true. I learned how to ride and got a motorcycle license in my twenties. For various reasons, the license remained in my wallet but I never got a motorcycle – until two years ago. I bought “Suzi”, which you can see here in the pictures, from Ido. Riding it is an thrilling and empowering experience for me… on the motorcycle I feel alive, daring, fulfilled…\”

Transcendental Meditation

In 1981, I studied Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the Siddhis technique. Since then I’ve been practicing it regularly, twice a day. Practicing TM and my acquaintance with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his ideas have become a key aspect of my life and the basis for my worldview and action. I wholeheartedly recommend TM to anyone considering learning and practicing it regularly. \”Creating Heaven on Earth\” is the motto of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. When I established the Reality Creation Institute, I chose the same slogan for the Institute’s motto and mission. In the photo: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The website of the Association for Transcendental Meditation in Israel


I’ve known the sea since childhood. From an early age, I would go sailing with my father who was a sailor in the merchant navy. This sparked my desire to become a yacht skipper. I’m at my best when I stand behind the wheel of a ship. I am alert and relaxed at the same time, I’m alive. I am Gil. Two contradictory feelings blend together: One is the sense of competence, control and greatness; leadership and reality creation. And secondly, the sense of insignificance in the face of the infinite sea, the changing wind and eternal nature. The obvious and unexpected nature. The menacing and benevolent nature. The sensation of a speck of dust carried by the wind.