Success Stories

“Gil Wiener was a great help to me, offering counseling and advice at a time of crisis and changes in the business. His excellent observations, his attentiveness, his questions and the simplicity and modesty in our work together were especially moving and impressive, helping greatly to achieve the goals.”

Dear Gil. I came to you after being fascinated by your method and the way you taught a workshop on opening a business at MATI Haifa. I was there by chance anyway. I was looking for a bead shop in town. Those were the first steps of my business – the Iris Path brand. The good things are always found by the way. I remember coming to you at the Carmel in the pouring rain and never missing a session with you as a coach. From the start, I knew who I am and where I want to go. You let me understand how I’m different from others. What makes me unique. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough. Thank you for your classes and your wonderful method. Sincerely, Iris Rotem

“In the sessions with Gil I learned about acceptance and love, about what happened and what I did in my life, and my deeds that shed light on my desires and helped me move forward to their realization in a hopeful and positive manner. Gil’s “Cycles of Abundance” sessions also gave me a sense of love and acceptance and the ability to optimistically move forward along with others towards my goals. In essence, Gil led me to a path of positive faith in my ability to achieve my goals and remove the past and the obstacles standing in the way.”

“Dear Gil, you were the right person in the right place at the right time. Just when I needed reinforcement, honesty and encouragement, you were there to help me understand, mature, develop and grow. Thanks Gil, for all that you are.”